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Some knowledge about usb audio module

Author:    Source:    Release time: 2016-06-23 16:35:22

How does a usb audio module work?

Usb audio modulea form of current or voltage to a digital signal into an analog signal equipment; like we usually use the CD player, DVD player, portable players, TVs, mobile phones and other devices with the decoder, it is only through the decoder the D / a conversion, we can see the video images and hear the sound from these devices.

Someone may ask, "digital and analog signals What is the difference?" A digital signal is a code used to express numbers 0,1 ...., generally binary numbers to represent this signal can not be directly seen and heard. The analog signal (Analog Data) refers to the information by continuously variable physical quantities expressed, such as images, sound recorder to record a wired telephone connection, camera photo is like, it can be directly identified.

The role of the audio module is to these that we can not see and hear the original digital signal into an analog signal recognition available; audio equipment, the decoder also plays a vital role in the conversion from a digital signal into the analog signal, the decoder quality directly determines the quality of the analog signal output, and also determines the final sound effects; therefore, the decoder, the better the resulting sound better.

How to chose a high quality usb audio module?

Now the market is divided into the decoder and audio decoder decodes amp machine, pure audio decoder is an independent external, more common in HiFi circles (such as YBA DAC1), it can be a CD player or other digital audio source Players into two, converts the digital audio signal into an analog audio signal is read, and then output to the amplifying device for playback. Good audio decoder expensive, easily a few thousand or even million, should be noted that, pure decoders are not directly connected to the headset, the device must be enlarged by an external headset connected to a sound. So, unless you are an enthusiast, otherwise you have to buy and spend another money amplifying device.


usb audio module

Some friends have a common misunderstanding that the independent external decoders and amplifying device combination would certainly be integrated decoding amp sound good; however, this view ignores an important prerequisite - grade equipment level (for the same price). For example: A $ 4,000 amp decoding machine, the sound quality of your performance would surely be spent for the same price formation of split equipment is better, but may also be a lot better, which is white and friends urge bisque-fired attention.


Finally, with the use and operation of, the pure and the decoder on the other device with a more flexible and rich, but the connection and operation will be somewhat complicated. The decoding amp machine in the connection and operation more simple and convenient, but with upgrades and other equipment (such as amplification equipment) is more difficult, and ultimately is likely that you put in the hands of this original equipment sold, and back better one. Therefore, both have advantages and disadvantages, and friends still need according to their actual needs and economic conditions to buy.

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