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What Is Bluetooth technology?

Author:    Source:    Release time: 2016-09-16 16:01:59

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology, about 10m max, operating in the 2.4GHz free ISM band. This is a free band, which means you do not need a special license to operate a product that uses Bluetooth. The range is typically about 10 meters, though there is a variant (called Class 1) that goes up to 100m. It was originally conceived as cable replacement technology (i.e., wherever there is a cable it could potentially be made wireless using Bluetooth)

Its popular use cases have been: handsfree calls, media transfer (sharing photos/contacts/etc), wireless mouse/keyboard, audio streaming, cordless phones, wireless controllers for game stations, in-car calls & audio and Wi-Fi, it doesn’t need cables or wires to connect those devices, just a signal similar to radio-waves to identify others devices in the environment that are capable to “understand” this signal and answer to that. In the recent times, smart-watches, iBeacons are its newer applications.
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I’m sure your smartphone is capable to identify and connect to other bluetooth devices around you. iOS and Android have support for Bluetooth LE.By default, it comes with bluetooth device disabled, but if look in your smarthphone settings, you can just put it on and then it will be able to “scan” the environment to discover others bluetooth equipments. And the same way it scans for others, others equipments will also scan the whole environment and discover your cellphone as being responsive for connections.

Bluetooth has gone through many versions since its genesis in 1998. Its latest (and arguably the most popular) version is Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) - version 4.0 and up.

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