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How maintenance Home Theater Accessories

Author:    Source:    Release time: 2016-09-16 16:02:19

With the major manufacturers of products as well as declining home theater promotional prices, many families have a home theater penetration rate is very high, after all delicate audio-visual equipment in their daily lives to pay attention or maintenance, here we introduce some of the common home theater equipment maintenance knowledge.



1.DVD players, tuners

2.Record player, equalizer

3.Effects, Kara OK machine

4.Mixer, amplifier former stage amplifier


Each audio equipment switched off order

Boot sequence: first open player, tuner, record player, equalizer, effects, karaoke OK, mixer, pre-amplifier, power amplifier and finally open.

Shutdown sequence: the boot sequence is just the opposite, first off the amplifier and DVD player, closed after speaker, avoid cut off all power. Do not open the amplifier and speakers to pick up audio equipment plug. All wiring and line input jack and should be pulling in the off state, to avoid damage to various equipment.


Maintenance player

1, pay attention to prevent heat: no player should be placed in sunlight, away from other heat sources and heat radiation and dry air. 2, pay attention to moisture: Avoid being influenced humidity changes, should be kept dry, clean, prevent dust, moisture intrusion machine. 3, to prevent shock: should not be used where there is vibration, when the player will affect the vibration correction function, and increase the burden of the search, the optical head accelerate aging. When handling should be handled with care, no percussion, collision.

4. Avoid stress: Do not put the TV and other heavy objects placed directly on the amp or player.

5, to prevent interference: When receiving a television, radio, the best DVD organ off to prevent noise interference and snow.

6, improve health: When cleaning the machine, avoid the use of volatile solvents and water, use a dry cloth then massage machine.

7, the correct connection: When you access or remove any coupling operation, you should turn off the power. This prevents damage to the machine or other equipment associated therewith.

8, protect the cable: When the cable for connection or disconnection (including the AC power cord) should seize the coupler to operate, and can not grasp the cable to prevent damage to cables and electric shock. Non-professional maintenance personnel Do not open the top cover to avoid electric shock and the players laser eye injury.


Speaker maintenance

Sound home theater speaker terminals, a large impact on the quality of the sound system, in order to reduce the lead to signal attenuation, should try to use thick dedicated speaker wires to connect. When wiring the corresponding positive and negative do not reversed, when used, the volume of the amplifier should not be opened too wide, avoiding speaker overload.


AV amplifier with adjustment

AV amplifier home theater system is the core equipment, multi-function, adjustment is also very complex, so master the correct use is necessary. Amplifier with Dolby Pro Logic decoding operation of the first should know that only playback of a Dolby surround sound DVD to restore the Dolby surround sound field. Then switch to select the surround mode can be over Pro Logic Status and select the center mode according to the speaker configuration, such as the standard model for general non-full-range center speaker; wideband mode for the home speaker, a center speaker no , you should select phantom mode. And ordinary stereo audio DVD films, only with digital sound field effect processing amplifier, DSP amplifier that is used to simulate the effect of theater, such as wide-screen films and mono films. Another run at different styles or CD discs, AV amplifier with can simulate different sound field effect, a common concert hall, scene, rock, church, jazz, sports, etc., which can be selected by switch surround effect set up.

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