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17 Tips On Repair FM Radio Circuit Board

Author:    Source:    Release time: 2016-07-25 16:59:00

Fm radio circuit board is often used in everyday life, when a fault occurs Fm, many people want to learn how to repair it. So, here are some tips about repair Fm radio circuit board.

The Function of Fm radio circuit board

1.Support outside signal switch directly, USB / SD card switch directly;

2.Support radio function, and with a digital display;

3.Fm radio circuit board containing MP3 / WMA music decoder chip;

4.Fm radio circuit board supports USB, SD, MMC card for playback; support the song, next song, volume control, EQ, play / pause, stop, repeat; 

Fm radio circuit board Description

1. POWER: standby (STANDBY) ON / OFF

2. MODE: Press this button to cycle through the input USB SD / MMC AUX FM. USB playback status display "USB" lights up; SD / MMC playback status display "SD" lit; AUX status display "AUX" lights; FM status display "FM" lit.

3. PREV: in USB / SD state short press to play the song chosen. FM radio when the state short down time manually fine-tune the radio. Press 3 seconds is automatically down auto search, search the radio to stop, then you can listen to the current radio program (AUX state useless)

4. NEXT: In USB / SD playback state press to choose the next song. FM radio when the state short time manually fine tune up the radio. Press 3 seconds is automatically up automatic station search, search the radio to stop, then you can listen to the current radio program (AUX state useless)

5. FM radio decoders VOL +: Volume increase

6. VOL-: volume down

7. REP:. USB / SD into the player's playback mode REP 1 / REP ALL ... .. (Power USB / SD when playback status of RPE ALL is the default state and then a short time into the RPE 1.)

8. Fm radio circuit board CH-: Select a valid station.

9. CH +: Select the next available station.


11. PLAY / PAUSE: In USB / SD state, play / pause. In a state radio station Press to enter the auto search

12. FM radio decoders 0-9: In USB / SD key directly to do, more than 10 continuous input can be selected numbers. In the FM mode, select saved radio station. 

Infrared emission part

When the infrared transmitter sends the data is to be transmitted into a series of binary data modulated burst signal is emitted, IR carrier frequency of 38 kHz square wave. IR carrier can use MCU internal PWM timer function implemented either by the peripheral hardware circuit, here using 38 kHz crystal oscillator to generate a stable oscillation signal using CD4069 NAND gate circuits through a series of square wave oscillation signal conversion, and after COMS data signal superimposing level after conversion to achieve the drive transistor is turned on, in order to achieve TSAL6200 infrared emitting diodes to convert electrical signals into a certain cycle frequency signal emitted infrared light,
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